Welcome to the website detailing the history of

Maine’s Own Organic Milk Company.


Because the company is restructuring, and no longer buys milk from Maine organic family farms, the farms are in the process of building a new web site that highlights the organic dairy movement. We hope that in time we will be able to highlight all of Maine’s organic dairy farms, and all of the companies that pick up their milk.


Click here to be taken to the Maine Farm Bureau web page where you can make a contribution to help two of the farms ship their milk until a new truck can be established into Washington County.

Here’s the background story


After it became apparent that the logistics involved made it not feasible to sell the company to Oakhurst Dairy and continue the MOOMilk brand, six of our farms went with Organic Valley (http://www.organicvalley.coop/).

And three went with Stonyfield (http://www.stonyfield.com/)


That left the three farms in Washington County. Organic Valley was not able to establish a truck route into Washington County, and Stonyfield offered a short-term contract on the condition that additional milk volumes could be found to bolster the profitability of a Washington County route.


At that point, one of the Washington County Farms, James Pond Dairy, sold its milking herd. Contrary to some reports, however, James Pond is still operating, raising young stock and feed and taking on other related farming activities, just not shipping milk. The other two farms, Rocky Ledge in Perry and TideMill in Edmunds Twp., are still milking and we are happy to report have signed a two-year contract with Horizon Dairy. Horizon will begin picking up their milk in a couple of weeks, once it can rearrange its truck routes. It has also offered a contract to another farmer who was planning on setting up a dairy operation. With a contract in hand, this farmer can now seek funding to start his operation. In the meantime, the two operating farms were temporarily left without a market for their milk until Sunrise Dairy, a yogurt producer in Brentwood, NH, agreed to take their milk on a spot basis until the Horizon route was established..


The only remaining problem was finding a way to pay to get the milk from Washington County to New Hampshire. With only a small amount of milk from two farms, the trucking costs would take all of the proceeds from the milk without some sort of outside help. The trucking is estimated to cost about $2,000 per trip.


Maine Farm Bureau has stepped up to help, and is raising funds for its Farm Disaster Fund to help pay the trucking costs for several weeks. The MOOMilk farmers and Farm Bureau are seeking contributions to help with that effort. You can contribute directly from the Maine Farm Bureau website, or you may send a check to:


Maine Farm Bureau Disaster Fund

4 Gabriel Drive Suite 1

Augusta ME 04330


Make your check out to Maine Farm Bureau Disaster fund, and write MOOMilk in the memo field.


Thank you to the many businesses and customers who supported MOOMilk during its five-year run.